About Us

The T&T Performing Arts Network (TTPAN) is a multifaceted organisation that serves as a nexus for the Performing Arts sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

It’s not just a passion, it’s a profession

Bonnie Langford

Founded on July 28th 2008 by Triston Wallace, TTPAN has since become “an invaluable part of the T&T and Regional Theatre and performing arts landscape, the digital beacon leading the way into the future of a more unified and collaborative Creative Caribbean community” ~ Janine Charles-Farray


To facilitate a more visible, accessible and sustainable performing arts sector in Trinidad and Tobago; To nurture an appreciation for theatre, and; To encourage collaboration and innovation toward achieving premium standards within our performing arts sector.


  1. To achieve a diverse and sustainable sector, where a career in the performing arts is viable, achievable and encouraged;
  2. To be the bedrock of a thriving community of local, regional and international stakeholders, working together towards the development of the performing arts industry in Trinidad and Tobago