Echoes: A Poetry Challenge Finale

“The rhythmic dramatic poetry performances will bounce around thematic sound waves like war, love, broken relationships, abuse of women and black prowess, from one generation to the next, not changing form, emotion or language, but ONLY face.”

On Thursday 11th October 2018, Milwaz Productions present Echoes: A Poetry Challenge Finale, 10AM at The Southern Academy of Performing Arts, Todd Street, San Fernando.

Milwaz Echoes Cover

A release to the T&T Performing Arts Network described ECHOES as a poetry challenge, not a competition, where Sixteen (16) selected participants will critically assess and perform GREAT poetic works recommended in the CXC/CAPE syllabi and the English Language Curriculum.

Participants will make an echo through reinterpretation, recitation or revision; demonstrating their riveting skills as they analyse poetry from seemingly archaic poets such as Wilfred Owen, Seamus Heaney, Mark Mc Watt, Gerard Hopkins, Martin Carter, Lorna Goodison & Rita Dove. This vocal delivery and their writing capabilities will be accentuated by essential staging conventions- costuming, sound, lighting, dramatization, dance, dramatic entrances and exits, props, backdrops etc. which will enable an amazing experiential learning experience to be unfolded; for all participants and attendees (teachers and students nationally). ALL POEMS WILL COME ALIVE!

Through this initiative, by Milwaz Productions, students will escape their classroom walls of monotony and speed spell boundedly into the cityscape of poetry education; where there is LIFE, for LIT (Literature) IS LIFE. The production team’s desire is to make a difference in the educational experience of students nationwide. They facilitate this by enabling a transformation of their attitude, mindset and appreciation for the Performing Arts, English Language and English Literature; through demonstrating the greatness of the Artform.  Through this, we open doors to social youth development, theatrical/educational understanding and critical thinking. Thus, on this day, when sweet poetry escapes the soul of our challenged participants, the openminded, passionate, optimistic, creative juices, will overflow unto our audience members, quenching thirsts of knowledge and irrigating desert hearts.

A special feature of this experience is that prizes that will be distributed to The Most Supportive Teacher, The School with the most Team Spirit and the Participant with the most Social Media Support, among many other prizes.

Tickets for “ECHOES: The Poetry Challenge Finale” are priced at $50. They can be purchased via Milwaz Productions’ virtual box office [CLICK HERE] or at the SAPA box office. Contact 729-3627, 297-7938, 716-9122 or email for additional information.

At Milwaz Productions, we are convinced that “the arts could be something of a higher power.” ― Veronika Carnaby.

Drama, Poetry, Prose, Literature, will never die on our watch. Our voice, for the support of Arts, in this nation, will always ECHO.


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