Recapitalizing The Caribbean Creative Industries | Two Weeks of Creative Business Workshops Close with Summit

On Friday 26th November from 1PM, AEGIS Business Solutions will hold the first Caribbean Creative Industries Business Summit. This event, which will be hosted by Morning Show host and TV Personality, Jason Williams, culminates the two weeks of workshops which touched on all areas of business, tailored to the  creative entrepreneur and MSMEs in the Caribbean.

In her opening remarks, Senator The  Honorable, Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry, stated that they were a part of a “dynamic event that bridges the Creative and Corporate world. These workshops aim to sharpen  the business acumen of Caribbean Creatives, equipping them with the tools to operate and grow a  successful business and capitalize on the numerous financial opportunities available.” 

She further stated that, “The Creative or Orange Economy is the symbiosis of human creativity,  ideas, culture, Intellectual Property, knowledge and technology. The United Nations Conference  on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) defines the Creative Economy as one based on creative  assets, with a potential to generate economic growth and development. It encompasses a diverse  set of knowledge-based economic activities, such as advertising, architecture, arts and crafts,  design, fashion, film, video, photography, music, performing arts, publishing, research and  development, software, or broadcasting.” 

The  Honorable, Paula Gopee-Scoon | Source: The World News

AEGIS Chairman, Angela Lee Loy also shared, “Now more than ever, entrepreneurs and creatives  need to build their business and finance knowledge whilst focusing on developing their craft and  core service. At Aegis, we have taken our expertise and designed condensed, simple workshops to  help business owners hit the ground running as they head into 2022.”  

The Summit will feature key speakers, panel discussions with leading professionals and experts from across the  Caribbean and focuses on understanding the Creative mindset, understanding the enabling  environment, intellectual property: valuating creative assets, connecting creatives to capital, investments, funding and much more. One of the main panels focuses on this year’s theme:  Recapitalizing the Caribbean Creative Industries, which will explore corporate community and  creative support in sourcing financing from various sources.

Shawn Flynn, Principal at Global  Capital Markets and Former Head of Incubation in Silicon Valley will be sharing his thoughts on  what you should be thinking about in terms of funding strategy, alongside ISRC Coder, Chester  Walkins from Dominica, Lorraine O’ Connor, Director on the Board of FilmTT and General  Manager of C15 Studios, Malene Joseph, Consulting Project Coordinator of the Cultural and  Creative Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF), with Managing Director of Caribbean Chemicals &  Agencies, Joe Pires.

Are you ready to turn your passion into profit? Register today for the Summit at For further information, email: or  call: 868 625 6473 ext. 162 or 164. Follow AEGIS on social media @aegisbusiness to stay in the  loop.

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