Triston Wallace

FILMCO2021-MJ0482(JPEG - 2048px for web use)An outspoken, passionate and proactive advocate for all aspects of theatre and the performing arts, Triston Wallace is perhaps best recognized as a casting consultant for film and theatre productions, a theatre critic, and a triple threat performer with various choirs and theatre productions. 

Having received vocal training from Tisha’s Vocal Academy, Dr. Vertrelle Mickens, the Marionettes Chorale and the Eastern Youth Chorale, and acting training from Raymond Choo Kong and Necessary Arts, Triston has numerous credits under his belt. These include: Decibel’s Zombie Island (2016- 2019); Zico (2018); Les Miserables (2014); The King and I (2013); The Sound of Music (2012) and Hairspray (2012) to name a few. He has also choreographed for a laundry list of choirs and theatre productions, and highlights his work with Native Caribbean Foundation’s ‘Rockin’ Snow White (2019 – 2020), Brian Mac Farlane’s Christmas Joy (2015 – 2019),  Simeon Moodoo‘s ‘The Inspector‘ (2016 – 2017) with Naparima College, and AIDA the Musical (2018) with Presentation College Mixed Choir as some of his most memorable experiences. 

In addition to his work in technical theatre, having received training in Stage Management under Leslie Nathaniel, and interning in Lighting Design under Curtis Bachan, Triston is also an arts administrator, publicist, certified inbound marketer and social media manager. His clients in this respect have included Kes the Band, Shurwayne Winchester, Juan Pablo Alba Dennis, Raymond Choo Kong Productions, and the National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NDATT) to name a few. He has has also served NDATT as its Vice President (2017 – 2018), currently sits as one of NDATT’s Trustees, and is the Director of Public Relations at the Caribbean Secondary Schools’ Drama Association.

In 2008, in an effort to make the performing arts a viable career option for creatives in T&T, Triston founded the Trinidad and Tobago Performing Arts Network, a non-profit organization with the mission to create a more visible, accessible and sustainable performing arts industry in Trinidad and Tobago. The Network has since become “an invaluable part of the T&T and Regional Theatre and performing arts landscape, the digital beacon leading the way into the future of a more unified and collaborative Creative Caribbean community.”