Introduction: About “Break the Proscenium”


The Proscenium: (n) The view of the stage for the audience. It is also known as a Proscenium Arch or fourth wall. The archway is in a sense the picture frame through which the audience sees the performance. The phrase “breaking the proscenium” is when the actor acknowledges the presence of the audience or even addresses them directly as part of the dramatic production.


Curtain call!  All smiles on stage as we take our bows to resounding applause. Regardless of what happens in our personal lives or backstage, theatre etiquette dictates that we NEVER betray that to our audience and as performers we are committed to that.   Yet, for a society that is so culturally rich,  theatre workers and  performers especially ,continue to get the short end of the stick as we are constantly shot down and our efforts undervalued by family, “friends” (and I use that term loosely) as well as by a society that views the arts as worth nothing more than a hobby… among other things. In reality it involves allot of hard work, sacrifice and sometimes with no support from those we expect to have our backs.“Break the Proscenium”will take you for an in depth look through the frame, so you may come to know and understand the hardships  faced by performers and theatre workers from as early as pre-auditions to long after the curtain closes. I am only a performer and do not claim to be an expert, but through the chronicling of my experiences, observations and views, in time I hope that that you develop a greater appreciation for the work that goes into what seems to be a constant struggle for validity, while simultaneously  producing a show worthy of a standing ovation… Then I also do the occasional review. 🙂

Caribbean Theatre Production’s “West Side Story” Curtain Call. © Karen Johnstone

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