…And That’s A Wrap! Hairspray

It has been two weekends of auditions, twenty four days of nail biting casting anxiety, thirty five days of rehearsals, four days of tech, ten performances and countless hours of lost sleep. It begins to take its toll believe me. Yet it’s amazing how no matter how tired we have been, the hrs of sleep we didn’t get and the number of times we have done the same choreography, walked through the same blocking,  sang the same songs, spoke the same words, and resist the urge to die of laughter at Kearn Samuel’s “Box!”,  closing night brings novelty to it all. Everything is so fresh, has new meaning and you all of a sudden have the energy to give 110% more than you thought possible when you dragged yourself out of bed that morning.

Much love to the Cast and Crew of Must Come See Productions Hairspray!.  Thanks Kimmy for the “Ethnic Movement”… Detention kids we represent! Much love to Rian, Isaiah and Dominic for their friendship! <3. Cherysh and the rest who were able to fall into the occasional Musical Theatre dressing room Jam session (p.s. you NEEEDS to watch nbc’s Smash eh Cher!). Keegan M. Trevon, and who ever owns that little pink radio for their “Platters of Tunes” and Melissa for the “Food on the table” 🙂 Amazing performances by Kimberly, our very own Miss motormouth Maybelle.  Debra Boucaud-Mason for inspiration, Jeremy Callaghan for in for interesting conversation and the patrons…especially the school kids for their scandalous no broughtupsy cachinnation. Steven and his crew for make up 🙂 To the backstage left posy.. Hoot! Being invisible has never been more fun!! To list all the memories that will be taken from this experience, My 1st  entire run with Must Come See would be impossible. But I will say to the cast the black, the white… and the lil confused ones…  We’ve traveled a long road… and it was great and there is no doubt that the next one will be even better ❤


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