‘Rename City Hall auditorium after Kissoon’

By Camille Hunte (Originally published to the T&T Express 02/09/2016)

Freddie Kissoon
Died at 85: Freddie Kissoon

A call has been made for the renaming of the City Hall auditorium in memory of late renowned playwright, Freddie Kissoon. The call came from former deputy director of the Strolling Players Theatre Group, Azard Daniel.

Kissoon, the founder of the group, passed away last week at the age of 85. He started the group in 1957 and was also an actor, director and cultural ambassador who won many awards, both locally and internationally. He has received the distinguished Humming- bird Medal of Merit, for his contribution to the sphere of culture, as well as the “Icon of the Nation” award.

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Kissoon was laid to rest yesterday following a funeral service at the Church of Assumption, Long Circular Road. Speaking briefly with reporters following the service, Daniel said Kissoon made a considerable contribution to drama and theatre in this country.

He said for over 50 years, the Strolling Players had rented the City Hall auditorium for its events. “I think they should dedicate the auditorium in City Hall to him and name it the Freddie Kissoon Auditorium,” Daniel said.

Yesterday, dozens of Strolling Players members joined family and friends to bid farewell to Kissoon. Pamela Alexis, a member of the group, delivered the eulogy. She said Kissoon was a well-respected person who had left a legacy in drama.

“Freddie lived his dream and fulfilled it. He will be remembered for his contributions to drama,” she said. Alexis told reporters the group has not yet decided what will be done to honour Kissoon’s memory, but said it will celebrate its 60th anniversary next year and most likely something will be done then. Kissoon’s son, Richard Kissoon, said his father was now back together with his wife who passed away two years earlier.

Freddie Kissoon Funeral
Final Journey: Relatives of late playwright Freddie Kissoon carry the casket bearing his body following a funeral service at the Church of the Assumption, Long Circular Road. —Photo: Kerwin Pierre

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