Winston Duke Impersonated on Instagram, and he is Not Having It!

I do not and never will solicit for donations via any type of messaging platform!

These were the words of Tobago born; Black Panther/ Avengers Infinity War actor, Winston Duke.

His comments accompanied a screenshot of a conversation which he published to his Official Facebook Page between a Trinidadian citizen and “Winston Duke” on instagram @winstondukefanpage.

UPDATE: The user has since updated the Instagram handle to @winston.dukefanpage  and then to @winstoncdukefanpage since this story was published. We suspect that further updates will follow as the user attempts to evade deactivation of the account.

Upon investigation, the T&T Performing Arts Network noted that the Instagram account is rife with photos and videos of Duke, his family, past and upcoming projects. Facebook user Maria VO, who found the instagram account and posted it to Duke’s facebook page said “The person behind this account clearly speaks in the first person, like if it was Winston the one who’s talking.”

One of the photos published to the Instagram account was that of children eating around a table. The text which accompanied the photo is cause for concern. It read:

“Thank you fans for donating and helping the children, love you all fans for your kindness and support you gave the the kids, I really do appreciate you all, please guys if you’re still interested in joining me and other fans to support the kids, kindly inbox me, thanks to you all once again for making the kids happy”

To which the Trinidadian fan most certainly responded.

Upon receiving word and evidence of this incident, the REAL Winston Duke (because we have to differentiate), responded via his Official Facebook Page telling his supporters:

Dear Friends,
Please note that I do not and never will solicit for donations via any type of messaging platform. In addition, before any campaign for charity, I will do an actual video launch explaining the campaign!
To be clear, I am not part of any charity Campaigns of any kind at this time!!
For now, please spread the word!!! Winston Duke does not send personal messages to fans and I definitely do not solicit for money or photos or videos of fans.
If you are reading this story, are a fan of Winston Duke, or care about keeping the digital community safe for all its users, please spread the word and go to @winston.dukefanpage on Instagram and report the account for impersonation. Here’s how:
The Trinidad and Tobago Performing Arts Network will keep you updated as more information becomes available:

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