Dr. Suzanne Burke leads NDATT Workshop Series on Creative Entrepreneurship

Registration is now open for the National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago’s (NDATT) Business of the Arts Workshop Series.  The Workshop titled Entrepreneurship for Creatives – An Experiential Guide, is scheduled to begin in the second week of September and will be facilitated by Dr. Suzanne Burke.

Dr. Suzanne Burke
Dr. Suzanne Burke

Dr. Suzanne Burke is a Lecturer in Cultural Studies attached to the Department of Literary, Communication and Cultural Studies, UWI, St. Augustine, and is currently mentoring The Enterprise of the Arts course with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts’ Mentoring by the Masters Programme.

Safa Niamat-Ali, NDATT Secretary, currently enrolled in Dr. Burke’s class with the Mentoring by the Masters Program said

“My mentor and advisors spoke highly of Dr. Burke and I figured the organisations I work with would benefit even more from my receiving this training. Based on what they said and from my experiences, Dr. Burke’s approach never put my creative process on the back burner. It’s not learning to create to earn money; it’s learning to earn money from what is created, honing existing skills and developing better habits. We’re almost at the end of the programme and I have a better understanding of my creative process, how I function and at the same time, the way the business world functions. Dr. Burke is one of the few business-oriented people I have met who value creativity and the creative process.”

The NDATT’s Business of the Arts Education Workshop Series, which was conceived as part of the benefit packages afforded to NDATT members, is geared towards developing the skills within the NDATT, for its members to have a competitive edge in T&T’s diverse theatre landscape. The NDATT held a pilot session for this Workshop Series on May 20 at Trinidad Theatre Workshop.

After being engaged by NDATT, Dr. Burke has repackaged her programme being offered with the Mentoring by the Masters specifically for members of the Association.

Dr. Burke said “This programme will examine a variety of factors that influence the capacity of creatives to pursue a career in the cultural sector. It is based on the premise that a deeper understanding of one’s motivations, thinking and artistic gifts, as well as an acute engagement with the operating environment are central components in developing art and culture as an ‘enterprise’ in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Registration is FREE and open to NDATT Members ONLY. If you are not yet a member, or haven’t completed your NDATT membership application, and wish to register for the course you may apply on the Association’s website. The programme can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants who will be selected by Dr. Burke based on their applications.

To find out more about the programme and how to apply go to www.IamNDATT.wordpress.com/workshops. For information on becoming an NDATT member visit the NDATT website at www.IamNDATT.wordpress.com/ or call/WhatsApp (868) 351-6293 or (868) 687-0083.

Registration for the Business of the Arts Workshop closes August 22nd.


NDATT Logo pngIncorporated under Act 33 of 1989, (The National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago (Incorporation) Act, 1989), NDATT is a collective of professional and amateur theatre practitioners who are committed to the development of the theatre industry in T&T.

Founded in 1980 by James Lee Wah, NDATT is the first and only statutory body that represents the interest of theatre in T&T. After a seven year hiatus, the NDATT was revitalized in July of 2017 with renewed purpose to the development of theatre in T&T.

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