Body Positive Dance Class for Women to Launch in T&T

We’ve had Aerobics, we’ve had Zumba. Now, in 2019, Trinidad and Tobago is welcoming a new era in dance; The #IAM Movement: A series of body positive dance classes for the curvaceous and the ‘thicc.’ 

Schae Lysette Harrison (left) and Tracy Tuitt (right) | Photo Credit: Jonathan Albert Photography

January 8th will see the launch of T&T’s first ever body positive dance experience. Exclusively for women, The #IAM Movement inspires two main goals; to celebrate your body and embrace your curves. The dance classes will take place every Tuesday evening at 6pm at the popular dance studio ‘Studio A’ situated on Piedmont Blvd, Union Hall, San Fernando. The class is facilitated by the event management group ‘Tuitt Entertainment & Production Services’ (T.E.P.S.) and will be instructed by local choreographer Schae Lysette Harrison. Classes are $50.00 each and will run until March 2019. 

The #IAM Movement was inspired by the belief that women should embrace all that they are; both inwardly and outwardly. It is an initiative rooted in the practice of self-love and will encompass self-reflective activities in addition to the actual dance classes.

#IAM Movement | Photo Credit: Jonathan Albert Photography

The #IAM Movement also has very personal and emotional roots for its facilitator and founder of T.E.P.S., Tracy Tuitt. Being plus-size, Ms. Tuitt decided to embark on a journey of self-appreciation and sought to share that journey with a community of like-minded women in Trinidad and Tobago. “Learning to love yourself is already a complicated process all on its own,” she states, “but hopefully a support system will make things a bit easier for us women.” It’s Ms. Tuitt’s hope that this Movement will encourage participants to love themselves holistically, all the while forming long-lasting and deeply fulfilling friendships with each other. 

The Movement, which successfully executed a pilot class in November last year, has since gained the support of local businesses including Phierce Plus, an exclusively plus size clothing store, and Your Temple, a massage therapy brand. 

Registration for the #IAM Movement is opened to women of all sizes and is done by completing an online form. CLICK HERE to begin registration.

To join the #IAM Movement, women are encouraged to follow its social media platforms, send an email to the Movement’s official address or to contact T.E.P.S. directly at 868-704-9617 (via phone or Whatsapp).

#IAM Movement | Photo Credit: Jonathan Albert Photography

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