Tisha’s Vocal Tips #2: Finding Your Voice

Tisha Gittens Finding Your Voice

As Singers, in the early stages of development we usually struggle to figure out who we are or what type of artiste we want to be. The “mimic stage” is usually quite evident as we hold on to the sounds of our favourite performers. Now if you are stuck at this stage for too long it WILL limit your development, and your voice becomes the impersonation of your favourite artistes rather than the UNIQUE you. So today I’m sharing with you a few tips on how you can find your own voice as a singer.

  1. Diversify your playlist. Too many of us are stuck because our playlist has been stuck on repeat for the past ten million years. I’m exaggerating but you get the gist. Sometimes we focus so much on our technique, practice times, training etc. but neglect the listening part. I will even go as far as saying that 70% of your growth as a singer is dependent on how much you listen. Loving a particular artiste does not mean that you should listen to only them. Find new artiste weekly and listen to a variety of genres. In doing this, you create your own Callaloo since you subconsciously pull styles and nuances from different artiste and eventually you find your own.


  1. Listen and Research. You know how they say that you won’t understand the present unless you know your history? It’s the same for us. All of our music icons, had icons. LOOK THEM UP. Listening to those influential singers would also add to your appreciation of music and its development over the years.

Tina and Beyonce

  1. Use improvisation as a developmental tool. Put on an instrumental of a song that you don’t know and sing it. In doing this, there’s no way you can mimic the original and you’re forced to let the unique you flow out. If you’re not accustomed to improvising, you may sing some off notes here and there and you may be a bit apprehensive but practice makes improvement so add this to your vocal routine.


  1. Remember that absolutely no one has a voice like yours. Don’t try to sound like anyone else. It’s important that you’re singing with the ease of speech. Trying to deepen your voice so that you sound like Luther Vandross just isn’t cutting it. BE YOU. Your voice is unique and special. Also choose songs that suite your voice and that will display your strengths. The truth is that we each have a vocal range and everybody’s tonal quality is not the same. The more you explore your voice, you will understand it and with that understanding you can make wise song choices that will highlight YOU.

Youer than you


Your Voice Coach,


About the Author

Tisha Gittens

Tisha Gittens is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and founder of Tisha’s Vocal Academy.

She started singing at an early age with the Pinnacle of Rubies Vocal Academy where she trained vocally up to the advanced level. She then furthered her vocal studies at the Vanessa Briggs Vocademy where she also gained her certification in voice coaching.

My heart is set on helping performers fulfill their dreams and goals by connecting them to the right persons, creating opportunities and nurturing them to a place of achieving maximum potential. This is the epitome of Tisha’s Vocal Academy.

Tisha is also a holder of a Bachelors degree in Sociology from the University of the West Indies.

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