Cre8 48 – an Online Showcase and Webinar for Creatives

Cre8 48DUBAI, June 1st, 2020 – On 5th – 7th June, 2020 Thrive International (ThriveIN) will host its very first digital showcase titled “Cre8 48”. Creatives from all over the world will come together to showcase their talent, knowledge and inspiration.

The idea stemmed from having various artists come together to sing one song. However, it quickly turned into a weekend event to help share light in a place where darkness, uncertainty and sadness fill the world. “It hurts me to see what’s going on, there was doubt if we should continue the event in light of what is happening across the United States and with the black community, but I felt we need this, we need to not feel numb or tone-deaf about the situation but show love through the arts, and we have decided to add charities that are supporting the movement and fight for justice,” stated Ethan Auguste, Founder – Thrive International.

Ethan is a T&T-born cultural ambassador and international event organiser based in Bali, Indonesia. He began Thrive in 2013 while living in Dubai, with the goal of supporting, showcasing, developing and inspiring creatives.

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Cre8 48 is a digital showcase. It will feature a line-up of industry talks, film screenings, performances, workshops, webinars and speed video networking sessions. There will also be a 48hr creative challenge supported by where creatives will get the chance to enter fun challenges in fashion, music and film.

Featured guests include a number of prominent international entertainers and professionals: Steve Urchin, JLO’s dancers, Adolfo Sanchez, Jim Churchman, Black Freeman, Lauren Wallet, Matt Ferrucci, Dean Earls, Evrywhr, and Alison Hinds to name a few. They would be joined by many other talents from around the world who have shared their time, talents and expertise.

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‘ThriveIN’ has teamed up with Tez Ritesh founder of Editors Cut a media and animation company based in Dubai, U.A.E; Keri Ann Kimball founder and CEO of Kimball Entertainment a management and production company based in Los Angeles; The Trinidad & Tobago Creative Industries Company Limited (CreativeTT); and Jane Owen, Founder of Jane Owen Public Relations (JOPR) also based in Los Angeles to produce the first edition of Cre8 48 digital showcase.

Thrivers can view the digital showcase by registering at HERE. The weekend is free however, donations are welcomed. All donations go towards charities supporting COVID-19 relief for creatives and justice. For more information on ‘Cre8 48’, visit or follow @keepthrivein on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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