PWT reads How to Get Away With Horn online

The National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago’s (NDATT) Playwrights Workshop Trinbago (PWT) Monthly Readers Theatre Series (MRTS), held the first Wednesday of every month, will feature the reading of excerpts from the screenplay, How to Get Away With Horn, for the May instalment. The series will continue online in light of the precautionary measures implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reading will take place via Zoom meeting only on May 5 at 7 PM (AST GMT-4).

The screenplay follows Nekeda as she explores a much-debated topic in the Caribbean, “Horn,” on her YouTube channel. The playwright said, “Learn how to get away with horn the right way from Nekeda as she teaches you her ten rules to cheat, while we observe the lives of three married couples. While researching for her video she learns a few tips, uncovers dirty secrets and unexpectedly lands herself right in the middle of family drama.”

Veronique Francois is a playwright, director and teacher at Bishop’s Centenary College. She has a wild imagination, began writing short stories and speeches from the age of ten, and hasn’t stopped since. She started writing and directing plays in 2014 and is always looking for ways to improve her skills towards becoming an influential Caribbean writer. Veronique Francois has had multiple scripts read at the MRTS including Dirty Laundry, Where Sarah Gone?, Who Cah Hear, and the first episode of a TV series titled The Death of Me.

Playwrights Workshop Trinbago (PWT) is inviting actors, playwrights, directors, producers and the general public to join us on Zoom to listen to the reading and participate in the discussion to assist the playwrights in further development of the script. The event will be held on Wednesday May 5, 2021 at 7 PM (AST GMT-4).

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 844 0961 9215.

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PWT reads new stage, screen, and radio plays on the first Wednesday of every month. For further information or to submit a script for reading in the MRTS email; or call/text/WhatsApp (868) 351-6293; or find us on Facebook and Instagram @playwrightsworkshoptt.

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