‘Abina’ launches new music from Gyazette

“Gyal bad like a crab when you cross she, Oh Abina…”

Excerpt from ‘Abina’, Evolution, The EP by Gyazette (@gyazetteofficial)

On June 11th, ‘Gyazette’ will release its first music single in almost two years, which launches a longer Extended Play (EP) music project entitled, ‘Evolution’. With early-listening sessions currently underway, the single is in the process of being reviewed by hit-making and pioneering producers, and is already in the hands of several tastemakers on the local radio broadcast scene.

The new song will be available on all platforms and at @gyazetteofficial on Instagram. Evolution, the EP will be a collection of songs exploring the evolving worldwide understandings of love and relationships, written by Nickolai Salcedo and produced by his brother and fellow musician, Joshua “Supayouth” Salcedo.

Gyazette, Nickolai Salcedo, The Trinidad and Tobago Performing Arts Network, Black Collar Creative
Nickolai Salcedo AKA ‘Gyazette’ | Photo Credit: Norris Francois Jr

The word “Gyazette” will now become the musical alias of Nickolai Salcedo, who is already known in his own right as an interdisciplinary artist, which includes his work in visual art and as an emerging international actor.  His commitment to music will see “Gyazette” transform from a live band experience to his new sobriquet as a solo artiste.

After trailblazing across the scene with Gyazette for over seven years, Salcedo left Trinidad to begin shooting the film ‘HERO, The Extraordinary life of Mr. Ulric Cross’ in the UK and Ghana. The film is currently out on Amazon Prime. When he returned to Trinidad after the film’s initial tour abroad, his artistic palette had undergone a radical transformation.

“I got into music wanting to combine all my influences into a potent mix that could take over the airwaves and the world,” Salcedo asserted in a recent exclusive interview the Arts Marketing Agency, Black Collar Creative.

“Old Gyazette was Kaiso and Afrobeat meets Grunge and Shock-Rock; new Gyazette is Indie, Island Pop meets Kaiso and Rapso,” he shared. 

He revealed that experimentation was the key to finding his new sound, which will feature on the ‘Evolution’ EP. That was what both he and new creative collaborator Joshua “Supayouth” Salcedo wanted to do.

“‘Supa’ was the one driving the musical decisions. My job was to vibes with everything he did; so, I felt, wrote and sang.  Gyazette was always an experiment in sound and perhaps will always remain that. We devoted ourselves to the task of creating something that felt new, but also felt right.”

‘Abina’ Launches New Music from @GyazetteTT | @blackcollar_art

This change brings with it an evolution of sound and a shift in musical direction from a performance-based, free-playing, band sound to a studio-produced, solo endeavour, fully focused on the mainstream.

Nickolai Salcedo AKA ‘Gyazette’ | Photo Credit: Norris Francois Jr

The new single ‘Abina’ is told as a woman out of patience and energy to deal with the unwanted advances of a man she does not know. “No” is not enough for the man in this story, and when Abina tries to exit the situation, the man grabs her by the arm, getting even more inappropriate.

“Abina represents the spirit of defiance that our society seems to be evokingin our women. We have to protect women,” Salcedo emphasized. “I was inspired to write her retaliation into the song as I felt that it was a reaction to her antagonist’s violation.”

“As an artist, I want to spark conversations in my society because I believe that those conversations are what help us to push our societies to be better. As a man, it is my duty to address and shed light on the harmful behaviours of men. The conversation should be one that includes all members of society, so perhaps, we need to examine just how deep the toxicity goes.”

“As an artist, I want to spark conversations in my society because I believe that those conversations are what help us to push our societies to be better” ~ @nickolaisalcedo

‘Abina’ will also initiate a month of promotional activities including a panel discussion surrounding the issue of violence towards women and the ways in which we can retrain the society. A merchandise launch later in the year will also happen, which will be announced from the official music channel @gyazetteofficial on Instagram.

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