Tobago’s Performing Artistes and Stakeholders to Have their Voices Heard

 Tobagonian performers entertaining audiences pre-COVID-19 |📷: Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation

Tobago Performing Arts Company Launches Industry Audit

The Tobago Performing Arts Company (TPAC) has launched an island-wide audit of Tobago’s performing arts sector. This initiative will be conducted between August and September 2021, as they seek to assess the state of the industry, and the evolved needs of local performing artistes and industry stakeholders, in the post-COVID reality.

In a statement to the media, Mr. Elvis Radgman, Chief Executive Officer of TPAC stated: “At TPAC, we recognize that the key to sustainable development is engaging in effective partnerships, and ensuring that we empower our stakeholders on the ground to help define the way forward for the industry.

 Mr. Elvis Radgman, CEO, TPAC

These surveys, consultations and public forums that form our industry audit, are designed to not only communicate our mandate and share our vision for transforming the performing arts sector, but to engage in meaningful discourse with the very people that create and sustain the sector and our unique culture through their craft. This engagement framework will also provide us with the necessary data that will inform our strategic actions moving forward. We look forward to continued collaboration even beyond these initial audit activities, as we seek to support future performing arts development hand in hand with our stakeholders,” He continued.

The first phase of TPAC’s audit will involve the dissemination of two surveys targeting individuals and organizations involved in Tobago’s performing arts sector, from performers to instructors and administrators, as well as public and private sector stakeholders, which will run from August 20th 2021 to September 20th, 2021. The Individual Stakeholder Survey was designed to assist the TPAC in identifying individuals involved in the island’s performing arts fraternity, evaluating the economic significance of performing arts to practitioners, assessing the impact of COVID-19 on artistes’ livelihood, and identifying the key areas for capacity development within the sector.

The Corporate Stakeholder Survey, targets educational institutions, performing arts groups and cultural organizations, tourism organizations, government institutions and other relevant private and public sector groups, to assess the ways in which the TPAC can collaborate and provide performing arts services and development opportunities. In addition to direct distribution to stakeholders, the surveys are available to take online, and will also be posted on the Company’s Facebook.

In addition to capturing data through these online surveys, the TPAC will be conducting a second phase of their audit which will comprise of a series of online stakeholder consultations conducted by TPAC’s officials in August 2021, led by their Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Elvis Radgman. These consultations will involve direct engagement with Tobago’s registered performing and cultural groups, private sector organizations and government partners.

In the third phase of the audit, TPAC will be hosting a live Public Forum and Q&A in September 2021 to further clarify the role that the Company will play in developing and promoting Tobago’s performing arts sector, and allow for the public to ask questions and give their feedback or recommendations.

Ms. Rayshawn Pierre, Artistic Director, TPAC

As stated by TPAC’s Artistic Director, Ms. Rayshawn Pierre:

“From timely taxi music that makes the shortest journey feel like an experience, to the unexplainable feeling of sitting in a theatre and erupting in chorus-like laughter, art is the tool our society has used to shape itself. Art resides in our permanent consciousness and because of it, we are able to connect, support and transform each other.

TPAC is invested in ensuring that the Tobago performing artist is more than a token title – but a beacon of hope and a living symbol of what Tobago aspires to constantly say to the world. This means that we have a responsibility to empower our artist community through our Company’s initiatives from the very start, and ensure that their voice resonates within everything that we do.”


·       Individual Stakeholder Survey:

·       Corporate Stakeholder Survey:

For more information about the Tobago Performing Arts Company’s ongoing industry audit, stakeholders can email the Company at, or contact them through the Company’s official Facebook page,


The Tobago Performing Arts Company Limited, under the auspices of the Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation, is a Tobago based performing arts ensemble dedicated to advancing and developing the disciplines of Drama, Dance, Music and Film. The organization is also mandated to create further opportunities for performers to become influential cultural ambassadors, thereby showcasing Tobago’s rich cultural heritage on a regional and global scale.

The operational under-structure of the company constitutes training, stakeholder collaboration and a keen adherence to industry standards and best practices. TPAC is committed to Tobago’s cultural preservation, the development of its Cultural Tourism product, Orange Industry sustainability and Human Capacity Development through education, community outreach and by fostering regional and global partnerships.

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