Valuing Creative Minds at The Caribbean Creative Industries Business Summit & Workshop Series

Following the conclusion of Global Entrepreneurship Week, AEGIS Business Solutions launches its first Caribbean Creative Industries Business Summit and  Workshop Series on Monday 15th November. Senator The Honorable, Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry,  along with Senator The Honorable, Randall Mitchell, Minister of Tourism, Culture and The Arts,  The Honorable, Ancil Dennis, Secretary of Tourism, Culture and Transportation and Deodat  Maharaj, Executive Director of Caribbean Export Development Agency, will present at the virtual  Opening Ceremony, due to start at 1PM; it is free to the public.

This two-week event is like none other, will conclude with a Summit on November 26th and will feature a consortium of speakers, creative entrepreneurs from across the Caribbean and diaspora during its run.

Musician, Actor and producer, Wendell Manwarren of 3canal, will be doing a video presentation on ‘Communicating the Creative  Vision’: 

“I see this Summit as a crucial opportunity at this precarious time, for creatives and  investors to get out of their silos and bridge the divide and challenge the assumptions, that  continue to bedevil and prevent us from finding common purpose towards a common goal.  For us to seek solutions and explore possibilities that take us beyond where we are, to  where we imagine is possible, by providing the forum for real communication to flourish  and ideas to blossom and bear fruit, that redound to the benefit of us all.” – Wendell  Manwarren 

The Ceremony will also include, a ‘Mindset and Motivation’ session with Precision Global Music  CEO and Music producer, Kasey Phillips, among other presentations. 

Participants can also look forward to engaging panels and discussions surrounding the Creative  Industries, on how we navigate, innovate and propel these sectors, in order to jumpstart our creative  economy. One such panel is, “Valuing the Creative Mindset” and features a talented group from  the Caribbean. Trinbagonian Fashion Designer and Social entrepreneur, Anya Ayoung Chee,  Illustrator, artist and comic book writer, Matthew Clarke from Barbados, Guyanese Literary  activist and Oral historian, Petamber Persaud, Jamerican Film Director and Screenwriter, Kia  Moses, along with CEO of Spicemas Corp., Kelvin Jacob from Grenada and Music Producer and  percussionist, Keshav Chandradath Singh from Trinidad, are all gearing up for the Summit. The  panel will be moderated by Media personality and Communications practitioner, Dike Rostant.

According to Anya Ayoung Chee: “NFTs [non-fungible tokens] present a unique model for collaboration between creatives  and tech developers. As a designer, it has given me a feeling of freedom and possibility,  which I have yearned for in the traditional fashion realm. The future of artistic sovereignty  and shared growth, shared wins for the Caribbean creative and technology communities, lie in this space. My hope is that the WYLD FLWR drop we recently launched inspires  more Caribbean creatives to jump in the NFT game and start navigating the world of  blockchain and crypto…” 

Jamerican Filmmaker, Kia Moses shares, “Caribbean people are naturally creative. The key is for  creators to find the balance between passion and profit; for investors to truly start seeing creativity  as a profitable industry and for the Caribbean audience to pay to support the arts.” 

There are twelve (12) online workshops which touch on all areas of business, including: business  registration, hiring of staff, accounting, taxes and maintaining good customer relations. The  workshops will have engaging discussions, live examples and case studies. Participants will also  have access to toolkits, guides, short-cuts and access to each workshop they’ve registered for, for a period of 10 business days, following the end of the event. 

“Now more than ever, entrepreneurs and creatives need to build their business and finance  knowledge whilst focusing on developing their craft and core service. At Aegis, we have  taken our expertise and designed condensed, simple workshops to help business owners hit  the ground running as they head into 2022.” says Aegis Chairman, Angela Lee Loy 

Participants can still register for the online workshops and Summit at Don’t delay; it’s time to turn your passion into profit!

For further information, email: or call: 868 625 6473 ext. 162 or 164. Follow  AEGIS on social media @aegisbusiness to stay in the loop.

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