Xopher Launches 4 Track EP – “The Island Project”

Pennsylvania based Artiste returns to Trinidad and Tobago to share his new music with his homeland.

On Friday February 11, 2022, Trinidadian born “Xopher” (formerly Christopher James) officially launched his EP entitled, “The Island Project” (TIP) – a 4 track EP sharing his Caribbean and Trinidadian roots with a fusion of different genres including Dancehall, Soca, Afro beats and RnB.

A media release to the T&T Performing Arts Network said, Xopher was able to capture his musical style in TIP, as it was inspired by his Caribbean roots. TIP is a fusion of both American and Caribbean styles – blending both places which have been instrumental in influencing Xopher both creatively and as a person.

Xopher returned to Trinidad on February 18, and has since been on a publicity tour, promoting his new music through radio and television interviews. While on the island, he will also be performing at several events throughout the country, and will be releasing lyric videos, promotional imagery and merchandise for the project.

The Arima native noted, “I am extremely elated to return home to share my tribute to Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean at large – this EP has turned into such a passion project and labour of love”.

Since moving to Pennsylvania five years ago, the 27 year old artist has been working on his craft and cultivated an enormous following in his hometown city of Pittsburgh, while being a member of the song group SUPA NXC, Xopher has performed at numerous venues and events, notably to mention – the Carnegie Museum of Fine Arts and the Andy Warhol Museum.

Xopher’s current mission is to spread his music to the world and become a household name with the aim of being signed to a reputable international recording label. Stay tuned and listen for a Xopher song on your favourite radio station or music platform near you!

Xopher can be found on Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and iTunes @iamxopherjames


Track 1 – LINGO: Xopher reminisces on the feeling of separation after leaving Trinidad and how soca recaptures the essence of what he is feeling. Lingo is his culture, the voice of his people and his family

Track 2 – TIP (love in ah yuh): Inspired by childhood memories of sitting in the backseat of a car listening to dancehall and having the urge to write similar songs.

Track 3 – High Grade: This Groovy song talks about the flirt culture at a party in the context of a meditative “feel good” experience

Track 4 – Carnevaal Done: This is an anchor song. It encourages/ provokes rhythm and vibes in you while experiencing “Carnival Tabanca”

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