Fresh on the Block! NDATT Reads Work by New Playwright

This evening, NDATT’s Playwrights Workshop Trinbago features the reading of Gideon Hill by Ahalia St Bernard for their May instalment. The series will continue online in light of the precautionary measures implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reading will take place via Zoom meeting only, TODAY (May 4) at 7 PM (AST GMT-4).

In the play, Crystal, a young woman from a communal neighbourhood in Gideon Hill, longs for meaningful change. She attracts a suitor, Gorg, and is faced with the harsh reality of the “standpipe life”.

Ahalia St. Bernard

St. Bernard appeared in the NDATT’s Annual New Play Festival 2019, playing the role of Alice in Ring Game by Arnetia Thomas, and has been a regular reader in the playwrights circle since 2021. Gideon Hill however, is her first venture into being a playwright herself.

In an interview with the T&T Performing Arts Network, St. Bernard revealed that she always wanted to get into playwriting, but felt she did not have enough experience as others. It was this self-doubt that she admits has been keeping her back. In a moment of grief, mourning the passing of her dog she says, “I sat staring at a stand pipe, and remembered stories of villagers sharing the community stand pipe. Thee will be quarrels and hijinx. Full drama. Each household of persons would be dealing with their own issues, but the standpipe was the binding factor that brought everyone together.”

From the reading, St. Bernard hopes to get a sense of what persons at the reading experience based on what she wrote, to see if the work stands. “Everyone’s feedback is important to make the dream work. I look forward to the criticism, to guide how I can make the work better. Hopefully it could be workshopped for the Actual New Play Festival.”

Playwrights Workshop Trinbago (PWT) is inviting actors, playwrights, directors, producers and the general public to join us on Zoom to listen to the reading and participate in the discussion to assist the playwright with the further development of the script. The event will be held on Wednesday May 4, 2022 at 7 PM (AST GMT-4).

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 898 3986 3415

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PWT reads new stage, screen, and radio plays on the first Wednesday of every month. For further information or to submit a script for reading in the MRTS, email; or call/text/WhatsApp (868) 351-6293; or find us on Facebook and Instagram @playwrightsworkshoptt.

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