NDATT hosts Lime and Talk Theatre Event

The National Drama Association of T&T (NDATT) will be hosting a Let’s Lime and Talk Theatre event on June 23 from 5-8 pm at the Queen’s Hall Garden Theatre. The three-hour event, which is open to all, will consist of performances, networking activities, and games. There will also be prize giveaways for upcoming NDATT projects. An RSVP is required.

During the event, NDATT will launch two upcoming projects. These are the Annual New Play Festival 2022 and the newly formed de Drama FacTTory.

NDATT said theatre practitioners will be able to network with each other and meet prospective creative collaborators through a speed networking activity. They will also be able to advertise upcoming projects and productions, reconnect with each other, and rebuild relationships after over two years of isolation.

All attendees are welcome to enjoy the performances, the comedic stylings of MC Allan D’ Entertainer, and samples of the performances which will take place during de Drama FacTTory. The performances will include music, storytelling, and spoken word, and more.

De Drama FacTTory is a four-day event over three months where NDATT members, as well as other performing artists(es) can come and show off their talents. It is a project designed by Kaithlyn De Gazon and Arnetia Thomas, to create a space for practitioners of the arts, ie. Theatre, Dance, Music and Visual Arts, to perform/showcase their pieces of work to an audience. It seeks to provide opportunities to amateur artists who would have little experience and/or limited resources to showcase their experimental or completed work, as well as a new and exciting source of entertainment for audiences. Persons interested in auditioning can do so at https://iamndatt.org.tt/de-drama-facttory/.

The Annual New Play Festival 2022 is a year-long process which takes three plays from script to stage, through a process of play development, dramatic readings, play building, workshop performances, and final performance. Dramatic readings and the performances will be open to the public.

The admission fee for Let’s Lime and Talk Theatre is $50 for non-NDATT members. Current financial members are free, and non-financial members can get in by paying their membership fees. NDATT’s membership fees are $10 for students, $25 for individuals, and $100 for company/group (5). Persons interested can sign up and become financial members.

To RSVP CLICK HERE. For more information, email nationaldramatheatretnt@gmail.com, or find NDATT on social media @iamndatt on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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