PWT reads After 12 by Cecile George

Logline: Aided by an African protector deity, a teenager escapes her incestuous uncle’s attempt to prostitute her, but must then deal with her own PTSD while trying to keep her naïve tween sister away from him. Her mother’s impending solo migration throws the girls into their uncle’s clutches, forcing the teen to again seek the deity’s help in battling him for their freedom.

This Wednesday, NDATT’s Playwrights Workshop Trinbago features the reading of the screenplay “After 12” by Cecile George for their July instalment. The series will continue online in light of the precautionary measures implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reading will take place via Zoom meeting only, on July 6th, 7PM (AST GMT-4).

Cecile George

Born and raised in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Cecile George is a film and TV production expert who spent over 15 years working in the New York film industry on everything from student to indie to major Hollywood films. She is a graduate of Howard University in Washington DC ,and obtained her MBA from the University of Miami, FL. After several decades in the US, Cecile returned to her home country to continue honing her writing skills while rediscovering and engaging with the small but passionate local film and arts community. With her newly formed company, Pelau Pictures, she currently has several feature scripts in progress that explore various aspects of the country’s history and oral traditions.

In an interview with the T&T Performing Arts Network, George said After 12 was created in a response to the alarming rise in the incidences of domestic violence and child abuse she has seen in the country. “But what’s even more disturbing is the research that shows that this is not a recent phenomenon; it’s been going on for decades! Entire generations have grown up under the umbrella of child sexual abuse and incest, especially in rural or isolated areas,” she explained.

“I wanted to bring this issue to the fore in a way that those in power could understand the detrimental effects on society that can result when people are consistently denied agency over their own bodies. Because I also work closely with our local cultural and heritage industries, I wanted to emphasize the important role some aspects of our culture can have in helping victims become survivors and in breaking the cycle of violence and terror,”

Cecile George, After 12 screenwriter

George shared that she really wanted to have the screenplay read at PWT because “as a recent returnee to T&T I’m keenly aware of how much I’ve missed in the past 30 years, and how much I’ve forgotten (or never had the privilege to learn) about my culture and heritage. “As a writer I live very much inside my own head, so it’s very important that I get a reality check every so often to make sure that what i have in my mind is actually being transmitted on the page. It’s amazing how often that is NOT the case.”

She added that getting the perspective of the wider community is very important to the development of the screenplay, especially from people in the arts who have deep knowledge of the subject matter. “There are many people whose opinions I greatly respect, and I believe that getting constructive feedback from them and other audience members can only help enhance the script, making it more marketable and successful.”

Playwrights Workshop Trinbago (PWT) is inviting actors, playwrights, directors, producers and the general public to join us on Zoom to listen to the reading and participate in the discussion to assist the playwright with the further development of the script. The event will be held on Wednesday July 6th, 2022 at 7 PM (AST GMT-4).

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PWT reads new stage, screen, and radio plays on the first Wednesday of every month. For further information or to submit a script for reading in the MRTS, email; or call/text/WhatsApp (868) 351-6293; or find us on Facebook and Instagram @playwrightsworkshoptt.

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