Major Choirs Combine This Weekend to Celebrate T&T’s Diamond Jubilee

It has been almost two years since some of T&T’s most celebrated choirs have performed on a National stage. This Sunday 31st July, 2022 the wait comes to an end with MW Productions’ Iëre X Tabago: A Choral Jubilee, at the National Academy for the Performing Arts. Showtime is 7PM. This choral concert will bring together six highly acclaimed musical ensembles and two stellar soloists for one spectacular night of voice and steel, to kick off the celebrations toward Trinidad and Tobago’s 60th Anniversary of Independence.

In an interview with the T&T Performing Arts Network, MW Producers shared that the title of this flagship event is based on names given to Trinidad and Tobago by the First People Community, “Iëre” (the land of the humming bird) and “Tabago” (the first place to rest).

Anton Williams, one of the producers shared, “Celebrating 60 years of Independence is a momentous occasion for us. But before we can chart 60 and more years ahead, we must look back and reflect on where we came from, where we began [and] what is the genesis of a Trinbagonian. It goes back to the first occupants of these island, our First People. The concert title Iëre X Tabago was chosen as an ode, and in recognition of their contribution to the national cultural and social landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.”

The Lydians | Photo Credit: Brent Louis

Through music and Iëre X Tabago: A Choral Jubilee will celebrate the history of our Twin Island Republic, from pre-colonialism to post independence and beyond, reinforce our national pride and revitalize hope, as the country celebrates its Diamond Jubilee.

The BP Marionettes Chorale | Photo Credit: Butch & Allan Limchoy

The celebration will feature performances by Bishop Anstey High School Choir, The BP Marionettes Chorale, Eh Bien Oui Don Don, Signal Hill Alumni Choir, The Lydians proudly sponsored by First Citizens, UWI Arts Steel, Natalia Dopwell and Victoria Griffith as they perform an array of reflective, uplifting, heart thumping, and foot stomping selections in alignment with genres such as calypso, folk, soca, patriotic and Traditional Spiritual all woven together by poetic narration.

Iëre X Tabago will continue MW Productions theme for this year – Building Our Community. MW Co-Producer, Kory Mendez explained, “One of the reasons that MW’s theme for the year is building our community is because it directly impacts the developmental pillar of people. This concert in particular brings the choral heavyweights, as diverse as they are, together, to celebrate the thing we all have in common, Trinidad and Tobago and our culture.”

Last week, the T&T Performing Arts Network was given an exclusive sneak peek into some of the rehearsal sessions for this upcoming event. While there was much musical diversity to enjoy from the various groups, one thing remained consistent – their excitement to be back in rehearsal, and to performing on stage again. In a statement to the Network one choir member commented “To be able to perform our own music that is composed and arranged by our own is especially fulfilling” while another said “we haven’t been out singing for two years because of the pandemic, so we have all the energy to bring to this concert”.

UWI Arts Steel | Photo Courtesy

MW Productions’ Iëre X Tabago: A Choral Jubilee, will take place on Sunday 31st July, 2022, 7PM at the National Academy for the Performing Arts. The concert will be preceded by a GALA reception in the from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, featuring art pieces from 10 local artists. At the GALA audiences will be invited to raise a toast in honour of our nation’s 60th anniversary. It’ll be a celebration of unity and pride like no other, that you won’t want to miss.

For Tickets and Reservations go to or visit the NAPA Box Office which opens from 12:00pm to 6:00pm daily. NAPA Box Office Contact – 223-1210 3006/3007

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Signal Hill Alumni Choir

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