“R E S T” – A Musical Production in Honour of Janine Charles-Farray

On Saturday 1st April, 2023, Chandelier Productions, together with conductor and composer Michael Hudlin, will host its tenth production “R E S T” at All Saints’ Anglican Church in Port of Spain. “R E S T” will feature choral and solo performances of classical and spiritual music in a programme that will model a Requiem; a mass done in memorial for those who have died. In so doing, the production will pay homage to known Arts Enthusiast, Advocate, Marketing Consultant and Strategist – Janine Charles-Farray, who passed away in October 2022.

Throughout her life, Janine Charles-Farray became known as a champion and advocate for the local creative and performing arts industries, primarily in Music, Theatre, Film, Animation, Fashion, and Dance. One of the signature ways she helped propel the industry was through the provision of Public Relations and Marketing support to several up and coming brands and businesses via her firm Black Collar Creative Ltd. One such brand is production company Chandelier Productions, where she held the positions of Marketing Strategist and Performer since 2020. As a member of the Chandelier Productions team, Janine Charles-Farray was instrumental in the successes of many of their events, such as The Pursuit of Greatness, For Faith and Music, and their signature production, Theatre Night Out. According to Chandelier Productions’ founder, Tiana Chandler, “R E S T” was the final concept that they worked on with Janine Charles-Farray before her passing, and as such, the production will carry on in her honour.

“R E S T” is also intended to be a representation of an artist’s creative journey. The production’s musical conductor Michael Hudlin stated: “This production’s concept grew from an artist’s feeling of intense burnout. Although we (artists) do what we love, it takes a significant toll on us every time we put our work on stage. That is why there is a need for ‘rest’ along our journey.” As such, Hudlin handpicked a selection of musical pieces, specially designed to convey a feeling of ‘rest’. The programme will include Bach’s 20 minute composition ‘Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit’, which translates to ‘God’s time is the best time’, as well as an original composition written for Janine Charles Farray, that will be performed by Tiana Chandler.

Janine Charles Farray (right) and the cast of Chandelier Production’s “For Faith and Music” | Photo courtesy: Chandelier Productions

The cast of “R E S T” includes some of Trinidad’s finest and most acclaimed vocalists: Sopranos – Adafih Padmore and Samantha Stanislaus; Altos – Diahann White and Gabrielle Tull; Tenors – Edward Cumberbatch and Carl-Anthony Hines; and Basses – Isaiah Alexander and Christopher Thomas, with musical accompaniment by Jessel Murray (keyboard) and Martina Chow and Kayla Persad (flute). Tickets are TT$200.00 and can be purchased via Chandelier Productions’ official website: https://chandelierproductionstt.com/, calling or sending a message via WhatsApp to 868-710-9436 (Tiana Chandler) / 868-295-7435 (Michael Hudlin) or visiting the All Saints Parish Office on weekdays between the hours of 9am and 2pm.

For more information, persons are invited to visit the website, as well as the company’s official Facebook and Instagram pages (@productionschandelier).

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