REVIEW: The Phantom Of The Opera- an amazing reproduction of a historic piece of theatre.

By Whitney Punch-George

The Phantom of the Opera as directed by Dr.Helmer Hilwig and put on by Caribbean Theatre Productions is an amazing reproduction of a historic piece of theatre. The evident jeunesse of the cast has no bearing on the quality of the production. The costume design was apt and so effective especially in conjunction with the setting. The sets and props were well designed and the spectacle itself, the chandelier, the center of attention was very breathtaking, also the Phantom’s fortress of solitude was very impressive with the boat and the mist.

Raquel Winchester as Christine is quite impressive. Her voice is unparalleled and left the majority of the audience speechless at her talent and the ranges she was able to achieve. Nicholas Gordon as the Phantom was spectacular; he was able to command a stage presence with only his powerful voice, as only a true Phantom could. Kyle Richardson‘s powerful voice that has a bit of a raspy sound and his confidence and personality were significant in emphasising the personnage of Raul. Anneliese Kelly was superbly cast as Carlotta and she had quite the diva attitude that made one just love to hate her. The Cascade Festival Ballet Dancers were a lovely addition to the cast as their gracefulness and choreography enthralled the audience.

There were some moments when the band over powered the the voices of characters. But other than that they were quite impressive. The stage hands were too visible and a little slow with regard to moving the props.

Despite the last two comments, I would give the The Phantom of the Opera 4 out of 5. Having visited Broadway last week, to say that he talent in the production was abounding and to say my pores raised and there were moments when the chemistry between Christine and Raul brought me to tears!

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