‘TWILIGHT’ by Jabari Ayinde Taitt for April 2016 Play Reading

Playwright – Jabari Ayinde Taitt

The Playwrights Workshop‘s Readers Theatre Series 2016 will continue on Wednesday April 6th with TWILIGHT by Jabari Ayinde Taitt.

The playwright says, ‘TWILIGHT is a play that explores a teenage girl’s attempt to decide between being a single parent and having an abortion. The Oxford English Mini-Dictionary describes the word ‘twilight’ as “light from the sky after sunset; the period of this.” The play begins with Ms Joyce’s ‘sunset’ (death) and end’s with Celeste’s enlightenment. George Santayana said that “…those who are unaware of history are destined to repeat it…” Celeste is reminded of Ms Joyce’s past which aids her in determining her future.

Young Jabari Ayinde Taitt is a budding actor, dancer, playwright, designer and director. He has worked as an intern in fashion design with Heather Jones. He has also worked back stage with the Steven Edwards Production Company and Trinidad Theatre Workshop. Jabari has done extensive work in the Prime Minister’s Best Village Competition, both performing on-stage and costume design and has garnered many awards. He has written a number of plays some of which he has produced himself and in 2013 he was a scholarship recipient from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

This April instalment of the Playwrights Workshop’s Readers Theatre Series, featuring TWILIGHT by Jabari Ayinde Taitt on Wednesday April 6th, 2016, will be held at Trinidad Theatre Workshop, Cor. Jerningham Avenue and Norfolk Street, Belmont, at 7.00pm. As usual, there will be discussions with the playwright right after the reading.

Come one come all, bring a friend to encourage the youth.

Tony Hall
text: 1-868-681-7475



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