High Mass – A Spiritual Reawakening Through Dance

Les Enfants Dance Company will make a glorious return to the stage with its production of High Mass on Saturday 27th May 2017 at Christ Church, Cascade, and Sunday 28th May at St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Pleasantville, San Fernando.

Conceptualised as a full mass in motion, High Mass was conceived by the legendary dance pioneer and Les Enfants’ founder – Joyce Kirton to celebrate the dance company’s 55th Anniversary.

The production brings together the stalwart dance prodigies that form Kirton’s legacy, employing the renowned skills of companies such as Metamorphosis Dance Co., Alpha Theatrical Dance Co. and Elements Dance Co.; and will feature choreography by Kirton herself, in addition to those of prominent, integral figures in the Trinidad dance scene such as Abeo Jackson and Breige Wilson who have trained under Kirton and Les Enfants, and Terry David who has been performing with the company since its early years.


With an eclectic selection of original and familiar musical compositions from Trinidad, Jamaica, Argentina, Africa and American jazz, High Mass will present an exciting array of set pieces that will showcase the individual talent and interpretation of each choreographer, dancer and composer.

In pursuit of the perfection of technique and the Americanization of the craft, dance in Trinidad seems to have lost its soul according to Joyce Kirton. As such, her vision is to reaffirm the spiritual nature of dance and reconnect it to the African foundation through music and movement.

Kirton seeks to provide a spiritually transformative experience through dance and hopes that patrons will not just think of High Mass as going to see a show in a church, but rather going to church; it is a Mass in all senses of the word.

In a recent interview Kirton said that High Mass is the show that she has always wanted to do. Now that it has finally come to fruition, she promises a “creative spiritual” experience unlike any other.

Les Enfants Dance Company’s production of High Mass takes place on on Saturday 27th May 2017 at Christ Church, Cascade at 5PM, and Sunday 28th May at St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Pleasantville, San Fernando at 5PM. Tickets cost $100 and will be available at the respective venues.

For additional information contact Roslyn Jackson at 333-1297



FullSizeRenderHey, Shazim Khan here! I’m a student of literature at UWI, which happened as a result of a long time fascination with words in all their various forms and mediums. I also have a deep affinity for the arts on the whole, especially music of all genres – I’m an amateur guitarist.

I’ve recently been introduced to the fascinating world of theatre. The spellbinding magic that can be so expertly conjured on stage has captivated me and inspired a desire to learn and experience as much as possible of this timeless and magnificent craft.

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