The Choo Kong Comedy Fest continues – ‘Choose Your Partner Wisely’

The Choo Kong Comedy Fest continues this weekend. Raymond Choo Kong Productions and First Instinct Productions present: ‘Choose Your Partner Wisely’, Friday 30 June to Sunday 2 July, at Cipriani Labor College’s CLR James Auditorium.

Choose Your Partner Wisely
The third installment of the rckp and FI Comedy Fest 2017 which started with ‘Death at a Funeral’ and ‘Trapped in the Hen House’; and based on the highly successful film (Why Did I Get Married), ‘Choose Your Partner Wisely’, is a look into the lives of real, everyday people with real, everyday relationships.

As hard-hitting as the tale might be, the Comedy Master – Raymond Choo Kong – takes a topic that oozes seriousness and brings out the humor that lies within, guaranteeing that comic-zingers are jam packed into this wonderful story, and if that wasn’t enough, Director Choo Kong, has staged a second act, that’s both shocking and titillating to the audience.

One of the major pros of ‘Choose Your Partner Wisely’, comes not from the story, oh no, no, no… but instead, comes from the energy and vibrancy of the young cast that brings this play to life. From Best Village we have Nicholas Subero, From UWI we have Rhesa Samuel and Chanel Glasgow. From UTT we have Renee King and from her beginnings at TTW (Trinidad Theatre Workshop) we have Kala Neehall. But wait, we can’t forget the usual suspects – who are anything but usual – Rachel Bascombe, Kearn Samuel, Chris Smith, Jeanine Lee Kim and the Producer – Trevon C. Jugmohan. Tying this all into a nice, neat, comedy spectacular is the Director – The Mighty Choo Kong.

A release to the Trinidad and Tobago Performing Arts Network said.

After playing to exceptional houses at Queen’s Hall,  ‘Choose Your Partner Wisely’ will continue its run at Cipriani College for 3 Nights ONLY – Friday 30 June to Sunday 2 July, and SAPA (for 2 nights only) July 15 & 16.

For tickets and more info call: 477-0772 / 384-8663. 

And remember, Choo Kong says, ‘Marriage is not for everyone…’


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