Photo Flash: J’ouvert – Wilderness Ass Mas with North West Laventille

Written and directed by Davlin Thomas, and produced by the North West Laventille Cultural Movement, the play J’ouvert:- Wilderness Ass Mas seeks to embrace the notion of J’ouvert as ritualistic cleansing or communion.


This Carnivalesque, magical, real production is set in Picton Hill just before the Carnival begins (J’ouvert) where four men and one woman must perform “a sleepy street theatre” on the hill. Together they conjure the past year into being, by making a play of it as a means toward seeking redemption and absolution. Each year the ritual ends with the drinking of a soup that was prepared by the person who was most wronged in the preceding year. “In this way, they confront the sins of last year.”

Here are photos from their performance at the Finals of the Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition, on Friday 12th August 2017 at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts.

All Photos courtesy: Curtis Bachan

Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan
Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan
Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan
Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan
Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan
Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan
Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan
Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan
Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan

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