Dan the Travelling Man Returns to Central Bank Auditorium

Earlier this year, The Baggasse Company, the people who brought you the classic comedies Fools, What the Butler Saw, Nikki Does, The Mind with the Dirty Man, The Good Doctor, When the Cat’s Away, Mou Mou, and many more, staged their brand new original comedy, Dan the Travelling Man. By popular demand, this hilarious theatre  production returns to the Central Bank Auditorium at the end of September for two nights of non stop laughter.


Dan seems to be a man who doesn’t know how to hold his hand when it comes to woman. It turns out that Daniel Du Boliel has several different wives in several different Caribbean countries.  The comedy ensues when, due to a series of unfortunate events (or so it seems) several of Dan’s wives converge on Piarco International Airport at the same time he is catching a flight to go on a ‘business trip’!  Aided by his versatile and cunning sidekick, Perry, he manages to get out of some really tight spots until wives collide and everything turn ole mas!  Dan ends up getting what he deserves, but not before some hilarious encounters and master deception, mainly engineered by Perry.

Featuring Philo (Philomena Alexis Baptiste – your friendly cleaning lady); the storyteller of the whole hilarious tale, Dan the Travelling Man stars Aaron Schneider as Dan, Andrew ‘Fries’ Friday as his sidekick Perry and a supporting cast of both young and seasoned actors (Leslie-Ann Lavine, Kala Neehall, Kyle Richardson, Eugenia Lemo,Nafilia McIntyre and Rondez Lewis).  

Aaron Schneider (left) and Andrew Friday (right) as Dan and Perry | Photo credit: Peter Sheppard

Dan the Travelling Man will run for TWO NIGHTS ONLY at the Central Bank Auditorium September 30th & October 1st.   The performance on September 30th is a fundraiser for the Old Hilarians Association who tirelessly raise much needed funds for their beloved alma mater, Bishop Anstey High School.  

Baggasse is also offering a $50 discount on tickets to TTARP members for the Sunday 1st October performance.  Just present your valid TTARP card to claim this discount.

One lucky patron will also WIN a TRIP for TWO to any Caribbean Airlines Destination courtesy Caribbean Airlines

CLICK HERE for advanced bookings. For more information please call 351-6293 or visit http://www.facebook.com/thebaggassecompany.


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