Playwrights Workshop Trinbago reads Radio Plays at New Venue!

‘Writing Radio Plays’ is the theme for the discussions at the October instalment of the Playwrights Workshop Trinbago’s (PWT) Readers Theatre Series 2017. PWT, which has been conducting sessions for the development of new plays since 2003, will be two radio plays on Wednesday 4th October, at a new venue; Granderson Lab, 24 Erthig Road, Belmont.

The first play; DJ DUPPY, was written by Rae-Ann Smith, Ronnie Roodilal, Adrian Jaikaran and Joshua Phillips.

DANIEL “DUPPY” DOPSON is a brilliant but rejected DI at the La Brea CID who has been demoted to investigating supposedly supernatural crimes. He must earn his way back to homicide so he can get the resources to solve the one crime that tarnished his reputation, the disappearance of his wife and daughter. He’s deduced that they were murdered by DON DADA. His colleagues though, speculate his wife left him and took his daughter with her. So, he works on proving DON DADA’s existence unofficially, clandestinely and in his spare time.

The second unnamed play is by playwright Verne Guerrin, who has been writing for the majority of his 76 years, in all genres of poetry, plays and prose. He is a foundation member of the Playwright’s Workshop Trinbago. He said he wanted to explore how a radio play is written.

“It was an exercise for myself. The play starts and ends with the sound of gulls. The play is about a painter and his wife and they’re by the sea and they’re out in some unpleasant and damp places where he feels inspired. She says “the place is gray!” and he says “that’s it, that’s exactly it, you’ve described it perfectly!” He talks about colour being overrated and other things and we learn a lot about them in no time at all. There’s even one place where their voices change because they were younger people.”

After the readings, a discussion will be led on writing plays for radio, from which all interested in play making can benefit.

The October instalment of the Playwrights Workshop Trinbago’s Readers Theatre Series 2017 takes place on Wednesday October 4 at Granderson Lab, 24 Erthig Road, Belmont, at 7 pm. All are invited. Admission is FREE.

For further information call (868) 351-6293; email:, or find Playwrights Workshop Trinbago on Facebook.

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