Masters in Playwriting Hold Playwriting Workshop Series

The New Play Festival 2017 will be opening its doors to playwrights as it expands its repertoire to include six writing workshops. These workshops will be taught by masters in the field over the course of four Saturdays between October 21st and November 11th.

The workshops are, in order: What is a Play; Character Development; Plot Development; Writing Dialogue; Writing Stage Directions; and, Writing Plays from Novels. The first workshop is mandatory for all persons attending any of the other workshops. Facilitators will include Earl Lovelace, Tony Hall, Dr. Efebo Wilkinson, Dr. Helmer Hilwig, Dr. Dani Lyndersay and Judith Theodore.

Sponsor Republic Bank Limited, said it is honoured to support the New Play Festival 2017.

“Like the Playwrights Workshop Trinbago, we hold a particular vision for the future of our beautiful twin island nation; especially when it comes to cultural preservation.  We understand that there is a method to the art of writing plays and a journey to creation of a playwright, and we feel privileged to do our part in passing along that knowledge and being a part of that journey. Workshops like these are much needed in today’s society where the very essence and talents that make us unique and beautiful are at risk of fading into the past, so we congratulate the team at the Playwrights Workshop Trinbago for bringing this Workshop to our nation.”

The first two Saturdays of workshops will be held at the St. Francois Girls College, St. Francois Valley Road, Belmont, while the other two Saturdays will be held at the Big Black Box on Murray Street. Woodbrook.

The workshops are open to persons who have had some experience with writing plays and would like to expand their knowledge. Interested participants should bring a laptop, tablet, notebook or paper and pencils.

The workshops are available on a first come, first served basis and will host a maximum of 15 participants each. Participants can come to one or many workshops depending on their interest.

To sign up for the workshop, CLICK HERE, email, or call (868) 351-6293.

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