Down Memory Lane: Remixing the Jam!

QEDTT invites you to journey with them Down Memory Lane. This year, the charismatic trio of Raymond Edwards, Nigel Floyd and Eddie Cumberbatch will be “Remixing the Jam!” with an exciting concert of familiar favourites, remixed with that unique QED touch. Relax and revel with the seasoned performers of QEDTT as they treat you to another magical stroll along diverse musical pathways filled with joy and laughter.


On Sunday 3rd June, 2018 from 6:00p.m., Queen’s Hall will ring with the sounds of the Junction Q Jammers who have also been remixed into a new combination of musicians.  The cast will include Dean Williams on Guitar, Natasha Joseph on Steelpan, Richard Joseph on Drums, Jill-Ann Walters on Keyboard, Jeremy Macintosh on Bass and Sheena Richardson on Percussion. The big brass sound of the JunctionQ Jammers returns with Martina Chow on Alto sax and flute, Kensa James on trombone, Barry Homer on Trumpet and Tony Paul on Sax and flute.  Paul will also function as Musical Director for this year’s show.

While this year’s song list is a closely guarded secret, comments from last year’s concert provide an insight of what is to come.

“A veritable course in musical time travel, charming their audience with a mix of hit songs from throughout the years… The audience was taken through the eclectic set list with a series of trios and solos, each flexing different muscles and showcasing different genres.”

– Tevin R Gall, Trinidad Newsday

“Thanks for the music, (QED). There, they were on display, talented and with a soul committed to something larger and more beautiful than themselves… An understanding audience at Queen’s Hall rocked with the vibrations that came from Trinidad and Tobago to North Carolina, Panama, to Richmond Virginia, pole to pole and corner to corner, Behind de Bridge and across de Border.”

– Tony Fraser, Trinidad Guardian

“Sometimes a song can be tamed; sometimes a song can be re-made anew. calypso and reggae hits, pop and R& ballads were all given new meaning and depth by the sensitivity of the trio’s expressive voices. This should be the standard for male singing entertainment in these islands. QED is bringing balance back to the scene here.”     

– Nigel Campbell, Trinidad Guardian

The excitement is building for Down Memory Lane: Remixing the Jam so come join QEDTT on Sunday 3rd June and create new memories of a journey Down Memory Lane!

For more information: Visit –,  Call – 387-3146.


Three of Trinidad and Tobago’s finest tenors who have joined together to prove that good music can be Quite Exquisitely Done. The group’s individual members have made quite a name for themselves as solo artistes but have decided to come together to make an even more beautiful sound. Let’s meet the members of QED.TT!

QED.TT - Antony Scully
From left to right: Edward Cumberbatch, Raymond Edwards, and Nigel Floyd.


Raymond EdwardsRaymond Edwards is one of our well-known voices in Trinidad and Tobago and for the last 20 years has had an undying love affair with music.

He began singing in 1993 under the tutelage of the late classical tenor/teacher Chesterton Ali. Under his guidance, Ray blossomed to become a multiple music festival winner and has captured coveted awards such as the most outstanding vocalist, most outstanding tenor and Male vocal champion. Raymond has also had the opportunity to perform with the international cast of Porgy and Bess, Venezuelan flamenco performers Flamenco Solo Flamenco. The year 2006 saw Raymond releasing his debut solo album “Ray of Hope” which is in heavy rotation on local airwaves especially at Christmas time.

Most recently, Raymond prides himself as a member of the classical singing group QED and is a founding member, lead singer and bassist in his own band E-Major. Away from the stage Raymond has been involved in media for over 14 years serving in both state media and the private sector. Raymond was Senior Producer at Talk City 91.1fm and made it part of his personal mission to ensure that local music in all genres had a home at Talk city.

He was the first Co-host of the popular morning talk show First up when it started in 2006 and has also served as a weekend television news anchor and special events presenter. Fans know Raymond to host and co-host 3 shows including Counterpoint; the afternoon drive show with Justin Dookhi where his unique charm and sense of humour compliments Justin’s wit; bringing to the show their own flavour while discussing the issues of the day.

We can’t leave out Saturday with Ray; a weekend magazine programme that focuses on Food Art and Music. Last but certainly not least, Ray is also one of the gentlemen for the Sweet Sunday love programme on Sweet 100. Sweet Sunday Love was voted the most popular Sunday music show in the last MFO survey.

Not being limited to the entertainment and media industries, academically Raymond holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government with a minor in International Relations and a Certificate in Public Administration.
His media reach has extended to overseas with him performing freelance work for the British Broadcasting Corporation, and special features for CBC and the Independent newspaper in the United Kingdom.


Edward Cumberbatch
Edward Cumberbatch

Edward Cumberbatch, fondly known as “Eddie” to his close friends and family is just one of the talented tenors of Q-E-D. His preferred musical genres range from performing opera, art songs, oratorio, negro spirituals and gospel music.

Eddie’s introduction to music and singing began with piano and theory lessons from his mother, Theodosia Cumberbatch. Other beloved music teachers included Majorie Padmore (recorder), Tim Shelton (trumpet), Geraldine Connor with Laura Franklyn, Gillian Nathaniel-Balintulo and Michael Steele (voice, choir and recorder) at Queen’s Royal College. It was under the wing of Barbara Douglas at Anderson University, Indiana, USA that Eddie fell in more in love with music and made voice his primary instrument. This love led him to become a long-standing member and soloist of the well-known group the Lydian Singers. Eddie benefitted greatly under the directorship of Dr. Pat Bishop, T.C. His experience with the Lydian Singers has been invaluable to him as he further progressed to perform as a tenor soloist in many choral works and tenor roles in several operas.

As a musical festival champion, Eddie has earned several trophies as a result of his magnificent talent. These accolades include outstanding tenor, vocalist and performer of the festival. Eddie’s talent has also been showcased beyond our shores with him performing in the Caribbean islands, United States, Canada, Germany and even South Africa. Eddie has degrees in Physics with Mathematics and Solar Energy and is currently an instructor of Mathematics at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Reflecting on his talent, Eddie refers to it as a divine gift from God and is thankful for the grace to share it with the world.


Nigel Floyd
Nigel Floyd

The third link in the QED chain Nigel Floyd provides stable, solid, sound advice to his singing brothers along with his great voice.

Nigel started his singing career under the guidance and tutelage of the late Holitzia Seecharan-Lawrence and has been a long-standing member of the Marionettes Chorale. Under the direction of Mrs. Gretta Taylor, he has toured extensively with the choir during their visits to the United States in 1997 and to Costa Rica in 2004 and has featured as a soloist in genres ranging from Broadway, Classics to Gospel, Spirituals and Calypso.

Nigel entered the Music Festival series of 2002 where he won the Tenor Solo Class for the North Zone. Later in the series he was awarded the Norman Phillip Cup as the Most Outstanding Tenor of the Series.

He has featured in the tenor roles of Mingo in the Living Arts Foundation Caribbean premiere of Porgy and Bess (2005); the role of Ferrando in Cosi fan Tutti produced by the Key Academy of Music (2007); as well as the role of Don José in the Marionettes Chorale Production of Carmen (2011).

Nigel holds a Grade V Certification in Voice (With Merit) from the Royal School of Music, in London. He is presently a voice student of Ms. June Nathaniel, Director of the Key Academy of Music.

Nigel is an Attorney at Law with a Master’s in Law from the University of Staffordshire. He serves his homeland Trinidad and Tobago in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions as a Criminal Prosecutor.

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