A Perfect Place for Dinner

Albert Laveau
Albert Laveau

Albert Laveau directs actors Tyker Phillip and Louris Martin Lee-Sing in Elspeth Duncan’s ‘A Perfect Place’

Albert Laveau is directing this month’s edition of Dinner Theatre at Trinidad Theatre Workshop. ‘A Perfect Place’ written by Elspeth Duncan explores an encounter between a waitress and customer .Their relationship unexpectedly develops and their core secrets are laid bare. Each woman must face the lies under which they have been living.

The play was originally staged to excellent reviews in 2013 with the roles played by actors Patti Ann Ali and  up and comer, Eugenia Lemo. Albert Eufmade the decision to restage A Perfect Place because of the play’s core mystery which fuels the drama. He also sees it as an actor’s play with strong parts for the actresses.

The waitress, Annabelle, is played by actor Tyker Phillip. Tyker is the current Assistant Artistic Director at TTW and has worked as a stage manager and production assistant for numerous theatrical and video productions, including  Damian Marcano’s God Loves the Fighter.

“I really like the character of Annabelle. She brings a lot of humour to the play and I love a bit of comedy in a dramatic piece like this one.”

Tyker shared.

Louris Martin Lee-Sing plays Margo, the customer. Louris has been an actor for the past 22 years and has spent the last 2 years administering her company Brown Cotton Outreach.

” It’s a thrill to be onstage again at TTW and being directed by Albert is a real joy.”

she stated.

” The play is short, intense and is reminiscent of one of my favourite playwrights, Henrik Ipsen’s work.” said the director. Ibsen’s work examined the realities that lay behind many façades, revealing much that was disquieting to many contemporaries. It utilized a critical eye and free inquiry into the conditions of life and issues of morality.

So…for those of you who have been craving ‘elevated’ theatre call now and book your tickets.

On Saturday 26th May 2018 Trinidad Theatre Workshop at #6 Newbold Street, St. Clair Port Of Spain,  will be the Perfect Place for Dinner Theatre.

Don’t miss it! only 40 tickets per show.

For more information call 622-4125/ 235 -3756 or email trinidad_theatre@gmail.com

A Perfect Place Flyer

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