NDATT Holds EGM and Launches Business of the Arts Workshop Series

The National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NDATT) will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), and launching their Business of the Arts Education Workshop Series, at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, on Sunday May 20th 2018.

The Association said the EGM is being called to make an amendment to its financial year and introduce newly appointed members of the Executive Committee to the membership.

From the left: Paula Lindo (NDATT PRO), Triston Wallace (NDATT Vice President), Michael Cherrie | Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan

“As it stands, the constitution, which we inherited when this Executive entered office in July 2017, states that the fiscal year of the Association shall run from the first day of April to the last day of March in the following year,”

the Association’s Vice President, Triston Wallace said.

“Part of the process of creating an NDATT that is relevant in this time is to bring the Association’s financial year in alignment with that of the Government of T&T and bring reconciliation to the periods in which our reports are required by our subvention partners, the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts”.

Reference was also made to Section XXI of the Association; Alterations to the Rules, Etc of the Constitution which states: “No alterations to the rules etc. shall be made except at an Annual General Meeting or an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting called for that specific purpose.”

Association Secretary Safa Niamat-Ali said “As we are already bringing the members of the Association together to make an amendment to the constitution, we also want to capitalize on that opportunity to formally introduce them to the new members who have been appointed to the Executive Team, which would be addressed during the EGM, and host ‘An NDATT Affair’ which will launch the first instalment of the Business of the Arts Education Workshop Series. An NDATT Affair will begin after the meeting has been adjourned.”

Members of the National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago | Photo Credit: Curtis Bachan

The Business of the Arts Education Workshop Series, which was conceived as part of the benefit packages afforded to NDATT members, is geared toward developing the skills within the NDATT, so its members may have a competitive edge in T&T’s diverse theatre landscape. The first instalment of the series will focus on Marketing, and will be facilitated by Michelle Eng Leang, a Brand Development Specialist and Social Media Influencer and Writer with TT Chatterbox.

Michelle Eng Leang hosts ChatShop | Photo Credit: Triston Wallace

This Workshop is FREE to all NDATT Members, but space is limited. RSVP is required.


Food and Drink will also be provided to Members.

NDATT’s EGM and ‘An NDATT Affair’ will be held on Sunday May 20, 2018 at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, #6 Newbold Street, St. Clair, Port of Spain. Registration of new members begin at 10 AM and the EGM will be called to order at 10:30AM.

For more information contact 351-6293 or visit their website at http://iamndatt.wordpress.com


Incorporated under Act 33 of 1989, (The National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago (Incorporation) Act, 1989), The National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago is a non-profit organization; a collective of professional and amateur theatre practitioners, who are committed to the development of the theatre industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

Founded in 1980 by James Lee Wah, NDATT is the first and only statutory body that represents the interest of theatre in Trinidad and Tobago. After a six to seven-year hiatus, the NDATT was revitalized in July of 2017 to provide united body to promote drama and the interest of drama groups.

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