Lylah Persad Plays Devil’s Advocate with ‘Diana’

The dramatic comedy Diana, written and produced by Lylah Persad and directed by Penelope Spencer, explores mental health awareness and the consequences of actions unchecked by thought. The play takes place on November 10 and 11 at the Little Carib Theatre.

The production is set up as a play within a play, a murder mystery set in a British mansion. The play centers around Diana Miller, an amateur theatrical actress who is again cast in the role of understudy to lead actress Karen Redman. Fed up, she resorts to murder, “killing” Karen and hiding her body. Diana begins to experience feelings of paranoia and delusions during rehearsals and while backstage, feeling that people are whispering about her. These feelings intensify when she discovers Karen’s body is missing.

The Cast of Diana with playwright producer - Lylah Persad ( bottom right) and Director - Penelope Spencer (bottom left)
The Cast of Diana with playwright producer – Lylah Persad ( bottom right) and Director – Penelope Spencer (bottom left)

Persad said “the “Which Butler Did It” style play within the play, featuring Cecilia Salazar as Diana, shows the “craziness” of this character’s consequences when she is forced to face the reality after she has “done the deed”. It also shows why Tammy, the theatre’s director, never chose Diana to be on stage in the first place. This dramatic comedy murder mystery will have you at the edge of your seats in suspense or rolling on the floor with laughter; for you never know WHAT Diana will do or say next, and to whom!”

Persad is a published author, established actress, writer, director, voice-over artist, and speech and character development coach, for ages 4 to adult, locally and internationally. She has written and produced theatrical presentations on anti-bullying, social issues, health and safety sketches and worked with many companies and organizations to help bring their message across through drama education. Persad said in writing the play, she wanted to play devil’s advocate and ask if someone would commit a crime if they were in their right mind.

“The play aims to bring awareness to what happens with a person suffering from delusion, the person who feels like she is being treated unfairly and must take matters into her own hands. Though it comes across as a comedy, this drama will have audiences looking at themselves being portrayed on stage. Though we may not physically do harm to others, there are aspects of us that want to. And there are some those who DO IT. And this play shows what happens to the person who does it.”

Diana is directed by veteran Penelope Spencer and is partially sponsored by First Citizens Bank. Award-winning actress Cecilia Salazar stars as Diana, alongside Chris Smith, Serran Clarke, Rachel Bascombe, Kevin McMayo, Sunita Maharaj, Saul Ramlal, Rebecca Elias, Albert Smith, Benita Wilson, Kiral Ifill, Isabella Griffith, Natasha Lake and Stephon John.

The play is dedicated to stage manager and producer Gregory Singh, who recently passed away.

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Shows begin at 8:30 pm on November 10 and 6:30 pm on November 11. Tickets cost $200, with $20 off bookings made before October 31. For ticket information CLICK HERE.


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