Tisha’s Vocal Tips #1: Vocal Care and Diet

Tisha Cover.pngOver the years, I’ve seen many vocalists have inconsistencies not because of poor technique but because of a lack of care for their instrument. Taking care of your instrument requires more than just ensuring you warm-up before singing, or sticking to a training regime. Most importantly it requires a particular diet and body care to ensure you are mucus and acid free, so you can accomplish vocal agility and of course vocal production efficiently.

This article will give you some simple tips on how to have your voice last longer and we’ll also identify some foods that are definitely detrimental to singers if consumed regularly. Always remember that being a singer is a lifestyle so it does require some lifestyle changes especially since you only have one instrument and can’t go into the music shop to buy you a new one if this one is damaged.

Here are a few things singers should do to take care of their voices.

  1. WATER! WATER! WATER! Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and your vocal chords lubricated. Dry vocal chords can result in vocal cracks and breaks, higher susceptibility to damage, irritation, regular sore throats etc.

Water 3

  1. Exercise. Many singers focus solely on their voice and neglect their entire body. Always remember that a singer’s equation is as follows:a healthy body = a healthy voice. Exercise improves stamina and muscle tone which results in good posture and more controlled breathing which is necessary in singing.


  1. Get enough rest. A tired body is also equal to a tired voice and if you’re not getting enough sleep, it will eventually affect your vocal production.


  1. Drink natural, warm teas often. Drink teas that will soothe and lubricate your vocal chords rather than dry them and you can add some honey to it if you like some sweetness in your tea which is also soothing. Always remember that caffeine dries your vocal chords just as much as alcohol does so its best to stay away from it especially on days of training or performance. These are 3 of my favourite teas that you can probably try: basil, bay-leaf and ginger.

Kermit Tea.gif

  1. Stay away from Acidic drinks such as those container juices and pay close attention to its ingredients. Natural is always better. I’ve seen acid have horrible effects on singers which brings me to my next point:

Spit gif.gif

  1. Eat on time!!!! Not eating on time can result in acid reflux which burns your vocal chords restricting its movement and hindering your ability to produce clear and precise sound.
  2. Stay away from dairy products which would include milk, cheese, ice-cream, creamy foods or drinks as this causes a build up of phlegm and phlegm weighing down your vocal chords makes singing a lot more difficult especially when its time to zip those chords up for higher notes.


  1. Oily and Spicy foods are also a big No No. Too much of this causes the vocal tract to become greasy and also causes a whole lot of phlegm build up.Spicy Food

I promise you that a healthy lifestyle along with consistency and dedication to your vocal diet and food choices will result in a healthier body and voice. You will feel and know the difference. However, it is important to note that different foods have different effects on people so some persons may drink milk just before a performance and sing perfectly fine while it would affect others drastically. Therefore, knowing your limits and knowing your body is also important. These guidelines and tips are here to help you especially if your voice is sensitive to what you put into your body.


Your Voice Coach,


About the Author

Tisha Gittens

Tisha Gittens is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and founder of Tisha’s Vocal Academy.

She started singing at an early age with the Pinnacle of Rubies Vocal Academy where she trained vocally up to the advanced level. She then furthered her vocal studies at the Vanessa Briggs Vocademy where she also gained her certification in voice coaching.

My heart is set on helping performers fulfill their dreams and goals by connecting them to the right persons, creating opportunities and nurturing them to a place of achieving maximum potential. This is the epitome of Tisha’s Vocal Academy.

Tisha is also a holder of a Bachelors degree in Sociology from the University of the West Indies.

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