QED.TT brings music from the movies!

QED.TT invites you to journey with them for the 3rd edition of Down Memory Lane, the concert series, June 29 – 30 at Queen’s Hall! This year, the charismatic trio of Raymond Edwards, Nigel Floyd and Eddie Cumberbatch will be “coming soon” to a “screen” near you, with an evening of your favourite classic hit songs from the movies, music videos and television shows!

Raymond Edwards, Nigel Floyd and Eddie Cumberbatch
Eddie Cumberbatch, Raymond Edwards and Nigel Floyd | Photo Credit: Antony Scully

The group comprises a combination of three of Trinidad and Tobago’s finest tenor voices who have joined together to prove that good music can be Quite Exquisitely Done. QED.TT’s individual members have all made a name for themselves as solo artistes and have for the past three years, decided to come together to create the ‘Down Memory Lane’ concert series to make an even more beautiful sound, while having lots of fun with their loyal audiences.

This year’s ‘Down Memory Lane’ performance will encompass some of the iconic songs from movies, music videos and television – ‘Soundtracks of the Screen.” From classic movies such as ‘Rocky’ and ‘The Godfather’ to favourite TV show themes and music videos from the 80’s, the concert promises to have something for everyone.

Music from great singers such as Barry White, Shaka Khan and Al Green will also be on the musical menu, along with a poignant presentation from the local film arena such as T&T’s ‘Bim’ from the 1970’s in collaboration with Rapso star, Ataklan. The big band – ‘Junction Q Jammers’ will return to back the three-man group, this time with an expanded orchestra including brass and introducing a string ensemble for that beautiful, cinematic finish.

QED.TT Green Corner- Antony Scully

The main band will comprise, Johanna Chuckaree on keyboards, Dean Williams on guitar, Shaquille Noel on drums, Andre Jack on bass, Sheena Richardson and Denilson Gulston on percussion and Natasha Joseph on Steelpan. On Strings will be Tracell Frederick on cello and David Frank, Abigail Cooper, Johann Rodney on violin and David Webber on viola.

The big brass sound of the JunctionQ Jammers returns with Kensa James on trombone, Barry Homer on trumpet, Joseph Melville on trumpet and flugel horn and Tony Paul on Sax and flute. Paul will also be returning as the Musical Director for this year’s show.

Don’t miss this evening of classic hit songs from movies, music videos and television; Saturday 29th June 2019, 7:00 p.m.  and Sunday 30th June 2019, 6:00 p.m. at Queen’s Hall. Tickets: TT$250 (12% TTARP discount available (with I.D.) – TT$220)

For more information: Email: qedtt3@gmail.com or Visit – facebook.com/QuiteExquisitelyDoneTT, Call – (868) 387-3146.


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