Review: Dear Noelle; A Story Written in Rhythm and Music

Dear Noelle (15 of 75)Kaiso Blues Café was a hub of breath taking talent as performers of the Dear Noelle Concert graced the stage on Friday 6th September 2019. Musical fresh air filled the room with a mixture of contemporary gospel, pop, urban, calypso and African styles. This was no ordinary show. The evidence of prudent planning, rehearsal and pure brilliance captivated all in attendance. Condensing all the highlights into this short review is a painstaking process but it would be remiss of me to not start with that soul stirring opening gospel number, a perfect blend of harmonies giving the awestruck audience foresight into what was to come.

Noelle Archer showed versatility and avid skill not just because of her vocal control, wide range, beautiful tone, riffs and great song selections, but also because of her delivery of the message packaged for us. Moments like her entrance on stilts while comfortably singing “Morena Osha” or how she took us to Broadway with Wasafoli Performing Company culminating West African dance, drumming and a choir that absolutely filled the room with energy or how she sang “Baba Yetu”; the Lord’s prayer in Swahili, confirmed that she was born to speak through music.

If we’re talking about delivery then I cannot help but mention the brilliance in costuming and outfits. They spoke boldness, energy and life from stilts to African garments and stylish dresses and pants suits.

The name Noelle Archer sounded familiar but it all came together when the Archer Sisters (Noelle Archer and Jeanelle Archer) graced the stage, it clicked, they were the sisters on Digicel Rising Stars some years ago. Their original songs were a combination of genres with every cadence, lyric, musical and vocal arrangements being well executed.

Dear Noelle (60 of 75)

This was Noelle Archer’s night but she also brought along who seemed to be her musical family on the stage and they all ensured more than our money’s worth. The purity in Charissa Sealey’s voice captured our hearts, Warrior Empress delivered all her thought provoking messages with vocal power and conviction, Jenevah Chadband brought soul and guiarist/singer, Marcus Hypolite, completely knocked the wind out of all of us because his tonal quality is to die for.

On review, there is nothing negative I can say, but I wished there were more patrons coming out to support our local talent.  Moments like what I experienced at this event changed concepts of stage presence and raised the bar even higher for local performance. If you missed it, you missed a world class show.

Dear Noelle, was a story written in rhythm and music. Every key change, cadence, emotion and theme expressed, mirrored life’s journey and more specifically, Noelle Archer’s journey as an artiste. Dear Noelle, I hope you continue to “Rise Up”, just as you encouraged us all to with that pore raising rendition of Andra Day’s contemporary classic, and with an unforgettable experience that was Dear Noelle.

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Tisha Gittens

Tisha Gittens is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and founder of Tisha’s Vocal Academy.

She started singing at an early age with the Pinnacle of Rubies Vocal Academy where she trained vocally up to the advanced level. She then furthered her vocal studies at the Vanessa Briggs Vocademy where she also gained her certification in voice coaching.

My heart is set on helping performers fulfill their dreams and goals by connecting them to the right persons, creating opportunities and nurturing them to a place of achieving maximum potential. This is the epitome of Tisha’s Vocal Academy.

Tisha is also a holder of a Bachelors degree in Sociology from the University of the West Indies.

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One comment

  1. Noelle Archer’s show was full of imagination, power and love. I attended her show and from the get go i enjoyed every moment of her musical repertoire. I was smiling from ear to ear or was emotional. She gave you so much more and even more. I also enjoyed the other artistes especially the pan piece ” Toast by Koffee”and the Stevie Wonder guitar piece by Mr.Hypolite and yes Wasafuli.
    I look forward to her next concert and will surely bring more friends to fill Kaiso Blues cafe.


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