Bitter as it is Beautiful, Mangoes from The Valley makes its international debut

Honest, raw and impactful, Mangoes from The Valley makes its international debut, July 21 – 31, 2021, at the Digital Toronto Fringe Festival. Inspired by the migrant experience of Venezuelan women in Trinidad and Tobago, this performance takes an intimate look into a young woman’s reliving of a night she desperately wants to forget.

Renee King in ‘Mangoes From the Valley | Photo credit: Danielle Lewis

Written and directed by Aryana Mohammed, this piece weaves the stories of various migrant women into one unique performance and results in an honest chronicle of human existence. Owing to the delicate and fragile nature of the narrative, the performance does not have any words, instead, it utilizes soundscape and choreography in a deliberate way.

“This adds to the universality of the subject matter as this could happen to anyone,” says director Aryana Mohammed. Actress Renee Michelle King who embodies the two characters of the piece states, “I believe this story helps people to understand the situation any person can be faced with… understand why people make certain choices and why one must never be too quick to judge someone based on where they come from and what they have to offer the world.”

Mangoes from the Valley is the sophomore contribution of newly formed JuneBug Productions. A mission aligned production company established to facilitate the mounting of small-scale performances in Trinidad and Tobago. The company is pleased to have worked with the talented Aryana Mohammed and Renee Michelle King and is grateful to the Toronto Fringe for providing this platform for artists to showcase their work. 

Mangoes from the Valley is bitter as it is beautiful, JuneBug Productions invites you to join them HERE, Video On Demand, at the Fringe! Patrons can purchase a membership pass online (which allows access to all Fringe Shows) at

For more information, connect with JuneBug Productions on Instagram @junebugproductions21

Note: This performance is intended for mature audiences only. It contains scenes of sexual assault, violence and drug use, which some may find triggering and or distressing.

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