Folklore Stories Brought to Life

Playwright/ Director Rubadiri Victor

The spectacular costumes, interactive animated characters, and innovative staging of the Wire Bend Folklore Theatre returns to the Naparima Bowl this month, with ‘The Boy & His Dog and Other Stories’.

In a recent press release, playwright and director – Rubadiri Victor, tells The Trinidad and Tobago Performing Arts Network about his inspirations for this upcoming production.

“My dad used to tell us this story of a Boy who lived with his Grandmother in a village. One day the boy helped an Old Man who gave him the gift of a dog. The dog turned out to be a magic dog. Whenever the boy was in trouble a bucket of water would turn to blood, and the dog would know the boy was in trouble, and then race to protect him. The story is about their adventures”

“I’ve always said I would love to produce the story one day. That day is now. My dad is 89 years old now and has Alzheimer’s. I want to put on this production in tribute to him.”

Rubadiri said.

The theatrical spectacle is part of Wire bend’s third season. It will feature three stories: ‘The Boy and his Dog’- about the adventures of the boy and his magical dog; ‘The 4 Kings and the Last Deer in the World’ about the adventures of 4 ethnic kings on a royal hunt (which will feature animated recreations of the Genesis stories of the 5 major tribes of the world); and the return of an audience favourite – ‘Anansi and the 10 Dragons’ featuring some new Dragons and staging.

A Royal Hunt for the last Deer in the world by 4 Kings – the African King, the East Indian King, the Chinese King, and the European King gets ‘complicated’ | Photo courtesy:  Rubadiri Victor

This year, Victor says they will push the boundaries further by introducing giant larger-than-life puppets, puppets with robotics, and surprise special effects.

“The aim is to combine the ancient and the super-modern. To compete with Disney, Nickelodeon, and Hollywood blockbusters. To enthral audiences with local stories, local heroes, local storytelling.”

Wire Bend Folklore Theatre is a theatrical troupe that pushes the boundaries of family entertainment by combining dazzling costuming created by some of the best Master-artisans from our national festivals- along with interactive cutting-edge animated characters created by some of T&T’s top young animators. The troupe is committed to resurrecting ancestral and local folklore for contemporary audiences with spectacle and wit.

From Tuesday 21st- Saturday 25th March 2017, Wirebend Folklore Theatre will stage ‘The Boy & His Dog and Other Stories’ at at Naparima Bowl in San Fernando. School shows will be held twice daily, from 9AM – 11AM. and 12PM – 2PM from Tuesday to Friday, while evening performances for the public will begin on Thursday and  run till Saturday from 7.00 – 9.00 p.m.

Interested schools and corporate bodies who will like to book tickets in advance can call 797-0949 or email or see the ‘Wire Bend Folklore Theatre’ Facebook page [] for more details.

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