Dubara Theatre Productions premieres its new play Choices!

Dubara Theatre Productions returns to the stage with the latest in its series of Family Forum plays, titled Choices. The play which was written and is directed by Robert Noel, artistic director of Dubara, will premiere on September 30 at the Bureau of Standards, Tunapuna, beginning at 7pm,

The play is a family life drama that tells the story of two father’s efforts to restore their broken and dysfunctional homes while combating their own failures and insecurities. Love and forgiveness are central themes in a plot that discusses amongst others, youths attraction to crime and other means of social defiance. The script suggests a debatable relationship between the choices made by teenagers; Hadassah and Tafari, and their relationships with their parents; Desmond and Jackie and Allister and Tami respectively.

Allister (Allan Augustine), Tami (Shivana Sawh) and Tafari (Jean-David Baptiste) | Photo Credit: Nielisha Dedier
Allister (Allan Augustine), Tami (Shivana Sawh) and Tafari (Jean-David Baptiste) | Photo Credit: Nielisha Dedier

Noel said the series of plays are called Family Forum plays because “they are really designed to deal with family life conflict and help churches, schools and any agency that is concerned about family life, to facilitate conflict resolution. I’m thinking primarily of working with churches or religious bodies as hosts to do the Forums using the characters of these plays as archetypes; the plan is to tour with the play after September 30 and tweak the scenarios based on the issues being faced in the community.”

The plays also examine parenting styles, as Noel said Dubara’s focus is on the home. “There are many programmes aimed at fixing crime and fighting juvenile delinquency, but these are aimed at the young people, and not much attention is paid to the parents. However, parenting is more complicated than anyone would probably want to admit. No-one ever went to school for being a parent, and there are different levels of preparedness for it. One of the things this play does is that it shows the parents telling their side of the story. It’s not as if they don’t want to have good relationships with their children but they are human beings too who weren’t prepared for this and so I really want to focus on parental training and that sort of thing. It’s entertaining but we’re using the entertainment for a social good.”

Choices premieres at the Bureau of Standards, Trincity Industrial Estate, Macoya on September 30 beginning at 7 pm. Tickets cost $150. For tickets, or to engage Dubara for conflict resolutions forums contact  3709805, or email dubaratheatre@gmail.com.


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