NDATT Finds New Home!

“We are the National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago, not the National Drama Association of Port of Spain” These were the words of NDATT President Marvin Ishmael during a light hearted conversation with the Trinidad and Tobago Performing Arts Network, as he spoke about moving into their new home located upstairs Tropical Express Couriers, at #97 Southern Main Road Curepe.

The National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago, Theatre in Trinidad and Tobago
NDATT’s new home located upstairs Tropical Express Couriers, Southern Main Road, Curepe

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Since it’s revitalization in 2017, NDATT’s office was located on the second floor of the Trinidad Theatre Workshop in St. Clair. In the past, other locations have included the Little Carib Theatre in Woodbrook, upstairs Linda’s Bakery in St. James, and Necessary Arts in Port of Spain.

NDATT Secretary, Safa Niamat-Ali said, “For too long, the Association has been based in Port of Spain and environs. As such, the majority of our membership emerges from and/or practice in these areas, giving rise to the false assumption that NDATT’s only concern is theatre and drama occurring in Port of Spain. Our aim is to change that mindset by making ourselves more accessible to theatre practitioners from all corners of Trinidad and Tobago.”

“We are really excited about our new location and the potential it brings”, NDATT Assistant Secretary, Ariana Herbert chimed in. “As the managers of the entire upper floor, we’re transforming the two extra rooms into studios that can be rented for casting sessions, rehearsals, workshops, readings, meetings, performances and more, for use by our members and the community at large.”

“As our new home is nested within a residential community, this gives us the opportunity to introduce new persons to theatre, who otherwise would have not been exposed, nor had the opportunity to pursue their interest,” NDATT Education Officer, Psyche Haynes added.

NDATT will officially inhabit their new office located at #97 Southern Main Road Curepe; upstairs Tropical Express Couriers, from March 1st 2019, and as their first event, are partnering with the Playwrights Workshop Trinbago’s to host the Monthly Readers Theatre Series on Wednesday 6th March 2019.

For more information about the National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago, visit http://iamndatt.wordpress.com or call (868) 351-6293 or (868) 687-0083

INTRODUCING the NEW Executive of The National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago - NDATT President - Edwin Erminy Vice President - Marvin Ishmael Secretary - Safa Niamat-Ali Assistant Secretary - Ariana Maria Herbert Treasurer - Kirt N Davis Public Relations Officer -Danielle Lewis Education Officer - Alicia Psyche Haynes Resource Development Officer - Ria L. Carrera-Toney North Area Representative - Richard Bryant East Area Representative - Raymond Choo Kong South Area Representative - Geneva Drepaulsingh Tobago Representative - Lorraine Nero
The New Executive Committee of the National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago – NDATT at their last AGM


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